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25 January 2009 @ 12:44 pm
Credits and Resources List  
This post contains my list of credits to people that made all the wonderful extras used in some of my work.

99mockingbirds for large textures

acupofgraphics for textures
aisselle for textures
aube_des_arts for and large textures
azuremonkey for textures

candycrack for textures
colormetwice for textures
colour_me_quick for textures
crazydelight for textures

endelyn for multiple tutorials and workshops
erniemay for textures
expose42 for textures

goldentiarafor icon tutorials

haudvafra for textures

januaried for textures
joyfulsongfor large textures

italian_jewels for textures

kf_creationsfor textures
killcolor for screencaps

laceribbon for icon tutorials
lemonpunch for icon tutorials and textures
lifeisdolce for textures
lyckaa for textures

mellowmint for large textures
misarte for textures

panicyo for textures
phlourish_icons for textures
pretty_packages for textures

querita for icon tutorials

rawr_caps for screencaps

sallyna_smilefor textures and icon tutorials
satin_resonance for textures
satine_violet for textures
serenart for textures
so_out_of_focus for textures
sql_girl for icon table generator

tinebrella for icon tutorials
thescrapbox for icon textures

whoredom_bases for icon bases
winterlillies for textures

x_heavenly_x for textures
xloliconsx for textures

yunhe for textures

zeldona for large textures



Austen Desert Sky
Home of the Nutty
Lady Manson
Long Ago Captures
Muse Archives
Screen Musings

Screencap masterpost @ ic0nfest


Slayground @ tumblr for textures
Pretty Texts @ tumblr for textures
We Love Templates @ tumblr
Northern Dawn @ tumblr for textures
Calikalie @ tumblr for tips
The Ironborn @ tumblr for textures
Myrcellas @ tumblr for tutorials
Mmorrow @ tumblr for tips and textures


Lost and Taken
Fuckbees @ tumblr
Missesglass @deviantart
Resurgere @deviantart
Sanami276 @deviantart

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